what services come with iron foundry

What services come with iron foundry?

The process of iron foundry brings about metal casting, an example of this is a iron casting as the end product. The other additional services are mould-making, melting, pouring, heat treating and surface cleaning.

Mould making

This is the process of creating different shapes and sizes using different materials. The process is an intricate part of metal casting which ensures that metal casts are of good size.


Alloy requires high pressured heat, to ensure that the entire alloy is melted. This in turn saves materials. This is one of the reasons metal casting is the cheapest alternative when it comes to metal merging.


Pouring of heated metal into designated shapes requires special equipment. It also reduces waste of materials. Heat treating service on sand casting ensures the surfaces are smooth and there is no wastage of material.

Surface cleaning

Surface cleaning of metal casting is another service offered in iron foundry. The process involves removing of debris on the surface of metal casts to give it a more defined look. Surface cleaning process ensures the end product is ready for the user market.

All the additional services offered in iron foundry ensure the products are ready for the market. They help create better products and make the rest of metal casting easy to do.

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